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The very best of starts

The Baby Room room is a calming, nurturing environment where important positive attachments are created. At the heart of the success of Montessori, is an in-depth knowledge of how children learn – through choosing, trying and doing themselves. The Baby Room is the start of that journey. With special materials, a prepared environment and the close guidance of a teacher, the result is a hugely effective, confidence-building approach to learning.

Babies enjoy a variety of stimulating activities designed to encourage their natural curiosity and to challenge their exploratory impulse, including music and movement classes. This large, well-lit room is a safe space where we follow each child’s own routine from home to allow for a settled and comforting transition.

The Baby Room has direct access to the Baby Garden, an enclosed, sheltered and secure outdoor space with plenty of shade and fresh air to enjoy the day alfresco. 

Your dedicated babies staff

Jess Nowell

Babies Room Lead


Ashleigh Linklater

Nursery Nurse