We understand that each step your child takes on their journey through education is important, and we embed principles from an early age that will help to shape the person they become. We take the time to get to know each of our children individually, appreciating their needs and allowing them to express themselves in a way that they will both enjoy and learn from.

Our team members have extensive experience in the development of children, specifically when it comes to teaching with Montessori methods. We are more than happy to speak to any parents who are curious about what we do and how we can help sculpt the early learning stages of their children’s’ lives. Pop in for a friendly chat and a look around our school, and get a clear vision of your child’s journey ahead.

Baby Room
The Montessori People

This room provides a stimulating and caring environment which caters for every child’s individual needs. We follow the EYFS curriculum in line with Montessori teachings and provide activities and resources that are suitable for each child’s stage of development. Our bright and spacious environment is set up to cater for all children to access in their own way; soft music is played to soothe and the materials are aesthetically beautiful, allowing each baby to absorb their whole environment whether they choose to or not. We also spend lots of time exploring the outdoor environment.

Toddler Room
The Montessori People

Our Toddler Room aims to build independence and learning by giving the children the ability to access their own activities. This allows each child to express their own individual preferences and interests in line with The Montessori People ethos. The team in our toddler room encourage independence and learning through play and exploration.

Tweenie Room
The Montessori People

Our creative and educational Tweenie Room is  designed to help the development of children aged between two and three years. Children explore both indoors as well as outdoor in our gardens. This encourages them to learn and speak about the wider world around them, taking part in small group activities and individual focused learning tasks. The main emphasis in the Tweenie Room is allowing the children to learn at their own pace and preparing them for the next step up to our Preschool Room. The children interact socially with others, gain independence and self-care skills and even begin to take part in Phonics Classes.

Preschool Room
The Montessori People

Our Preschool Room is led by Miss Sarah and provides a more focused learning for the children in preparation for their Reception year. This room provides the children with exciting and interesting activities to extend their learning and increase their practical life skills in preparation for their future learning. The children love to spend time outdoors exploring the nature around them. Before they leave the setting for Reception, the Preschool children graduate with an emotional ceremony to celebrate their achievements.

Miss Sarah
The Montessori People

Our dining area promotes healthy eating among our children as well as teaching table etiquette and meal time routines. The children join daily to eat meals together, promoting positive role modelling, social skills and self-independence.

Outdoor Space
The Montessori People

We are aware of the importance of children’s physical activity which improves their gross motor skills. Our garden is full of natural light, we have an area of natural shading and encourage the children to be natural risk takers as well as challenge and encourage adventurous play within a safe and secure environment. The outdoors is a large part of our day and we work hard to extend the indoors outdoor. It’s not just the sunny days we go outside; we also make use of the natural elements to provide different play contexts and activities.

Because we use the natural elements for different play contexts, it’s not just sunny days when we’re outside at The Montessori People Nursery School