The Montessori People Ethos

Montessori is a proven and powerful approach to education which is based on a deep understanding of the way children learn. While it is suitable for children of any age, at nursery level, it puts them on the path to becoming a confident, self-motivated learner at the earliest stage possible.

At the heart of the success of Montessori, is an in-depth knowledge of how children learn – through choosing, trying and doing themselves. With special materials, a prepared environment and the close guidance of a teacher, the result is a hugely effective, confidence-building approach to learning.

Why The Montessori People?

The Montessori People’s ethos is based on the proven fact that children learn through understanding and doing, rather than being told. This manifests into a confidence and joy in learning among children as they develop self-belief, satisfaction in success and abilities as problem solvers.

Montessori materials are carefully designed to help children understand where they might have gone wrong. And, more importantly, to enable them to work out ways of correcting themselves, without being told how to do so.

The Montessori People
The Montessori People
‘The children’s progress does not depend only on their age, but also on being free to look around them’ Maria Montessori
Maria Montessori

What will my child do?

Everything we do at The Montessori People Nursery School has been intrinsically designed to set a child up for success. The children will take part in a variety of activities, whilst being closely observed by our teachers who gently encourage them to move to more challenging lessons once simpler ones have been mastered.


Why Choose Us?

With highly qualified childcare professionals, we embed confidence, trust and a conscientious nature among our children.

Our Nursery School, in Thornaby, is ran by extremely knowledgeable yet sensitive staff who have been specially trained to help children appreciate their importance in the wider world.

In a fun and friendly environment, we encourage children to care about themselves, others and the world around them.

The mission of The Montessori people is to provide experiences that are:

The Montessori People
The Montessori People
The Montessori People
The Montessori People
The Montessori People

We strive to cultivate each child’s desire to learn and to foster their natural curiosity and love of knowledge.

Things to consider when choosing your Nursery:

Book appointments to view a selection of nurseries so that you can meet the staff and see how the nurseries are run.

It is important that, as parents, you fully trust the nursery you choose to bring the best out of your child. Make sure you’ve compared different environments and teams before you choose which is right for you.

Does the nursery school have good quality outdoor play space? If so, how much of their time will the children spend outside?

Children develop positively in an outdoor environment. We make sure our children spend plenty of time out in the fresh air, allowing their skills to flourish as much as possible.

Is the daily menu prepared freshly on site?

Many nurseries won’t have freshly prepared food, so it’s always a good idea to check up on this before you choose your nursery. All our meals are freshly prepared on site by our experienced chef.

Do you have confidence that the Nursery Manager possesses strong leadership skills, is well involved and is knowledgeable and approachable?

Before making your decision, make sure you have a good conversation with the nursery manager to find out as much about the nursery as possible.

Is the staffing consistent?

Children get used to their teachers, and we understand that consistent staffing is important to the experience we offer. We have set room teams to instil continuity, and we feel this aids the child’s settling in period and helps develop strong attachments within each room.