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Time to explore the world

The Toddler Room is spacious, bright and perfectly suited to Toddlers on the move! The furniture is selected specifically for our young learners to sit and eat, play and engage. The classroom is set up to meet all areas of learning allowing children to explore at their own pace in a large, well-equipped space. Toddlers are encouraged to ‘have a go’ for themselves, whether putting on their wellington boots, drinking from an open top cup or being active learner. Activities in the room set the children up for success and allow for their journey towards independence to really get started.

The Toddler Garden is a vast space for little explorers to really engage with nature, running though the willow tunnel, reading stories under the trees and clambering over the tyres. There’s an enticing blend of different surfaces to walk on, various structures to spark the imagination and lots of engaging activities to enthuse their senses. Toddlers love being outside and their own outdoor area allows for just that!

Your dedicated Toddlers staff


Megan Edwards

Toddler Room Lead


Nicola French

Nursery Nurse, 2nd Room Lead