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The Montessori People now a Sun Safe Nursery

Being a Sun Safe nursery ensures that we are equipped to protect the children in our care from over-exposure to UV during nursery hours and through education can help evoke a culture change and shift in attitude towards sun safety.

The Montessori People are pleased to announce that we have completed the three steps required to complete and gain certification:

1) Sunscreen, Sun Hats and Role Models
The Montessori People sent a letter home to each parent with a copy of a Sun Safety and Skin Cancer booklet fact sheet. This letter told parents about the scheme, why it is so important and what parents should do to assist us in ensuring your child is protected against UV during hours in our care. It also outlines how parents can help reinforce sun safe practices at home. The letter also addresses the issue of applying sunscreen at nursery with parental permission. We made a pledge to act as appropriate role models with regards to sun safety and also make available spare sun hats and sunscreen.

2) Shade

The Montessori People demonstrated the importance of providing a shaded area for outdoor play.

3) Teaching resources and activities
We teach the children the simple, golden rules of sun safety: Slip, Slop, Slap. We use fun and engaging resources including the rhyming, illustrated book “George the Sun Safe Superstar”, the Slip, Slop, Slap song with recording and music and a range of simple activity sheets designed to help reinforce key messaging learnt throughout the scheme. We pledge that we will use these resources regularly to ensure messaging is reinforced on a regular basis.

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